Dealing with tooth sensitivity doesn’t mean you have to forego the dream of a brighter smile. At Gardena Dental Group in Gardena, CA, we specialize in providing teeth whitening solutions that cater specifically to those with sensitive teeth.

Understanding Teeth Sensitivity and Whitening

Tooth sensitivity often stems from enamel erosion or gum recession, which exposes the dentin. This part of the tooth contains microscopic tubules leading to the nerve, making teeth react to hot, cold, or sweet substances. Understanding this is crucial in selecting the right whitening approach. During your consultation at Gardena Dental Group, we assess the health of your teeth and the underlying causes of sensitivity, ensuring a tailored and effective whitening plan.

Selecting the Right Whitening Treatment

Choosing the appropriate whitening method is vital, especially for sensitive teeth. Over-the-counter products might be too harsh, exacerbating the issue. We recommend professional treatments specifically designed for sensitive teeth. These often feature lower concentrations of bleaching agents and may include desensitizing ingredients to mitigate discomfort. A gradual whitening approach allows your teeth to adjust, reducing potential sensitivity.

Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your newly whitened smile while managing sensitivity involves several key practices:


At Gardena Dental Group, our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve a brighter smile without compromising on comfort. Our personalized approach to teeth whitening ensures that even those with sensitive teeth can enjoy the benefits of a confident smile. To explore your teeth whitening options and manage sensitivity effectively, schedule a visit with us – your smile is our priority.

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