Dentures Gardena, CA

Our experts may suggest whole or partial dentures for individuals who are missing most or all their permanent teeth to restore their smile. Dentures are popular, reasonably priced, and can boost your self-confidence.

What Are Dentures?

When several teeth are lost, dentures may be just what you need to restore the functionality, appearance, and health of your teeth. Because dentures are removable, they are simple to clean and maintain.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

Your dentist will assess your denture needs and present you with the two types of options that we have available.


Complete dentures are used to replace every tooth of the whole dental arch. Depending on your specific circumstances, we may recommend a complete denture to replace every tooth in both arches or just one. For increased stability, our dentist may apply a denture adhesive.


if you are missing multiple teeth but have remaining natural teeth, your dentist will likely recommend a partial denture. This method uses a thin framework or clasps that attach to the natural teeth.

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