Root Canal

Root Canal Gardena, CA

A root canal may be recommended in cases of severe toothache or tender or swollen gums. Root canals alleviate your pain and are intended to save your tooth. With Gardena’s gentle approach to root canals, we do everything we can to maximize your comfort during this procedure. Root canals are performed with advanced techniques and safe anesthesia.

What is a Root Canal?

Sometimes the tooth nerves become infected or even damaged if injury or decay goes past the enamel layer and deeper into the tooth. To avoid further infection and disease, endodontic therapy (a root canal), is a good option to deal with the issue.

What is the Root Canal Treatment Process?

Our Gardena dentist will first remove any infected tissue within the tooth, and clean and medicate the area to prevent further infection or damage. A dental crown will cap the tooth to return the tooth to original shape. This procedure is usually completed in just one or two visits.

Our root canal specialists will make sure you are comfortable and at ease throughout the entire procedure.

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